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S.C.F. is an independant engineering company specialized in water conditioning and watertreatment. Since 1989 we have studied developed several projects worldwide (TAHITI REUNION ISLAND VIETNAM LEBANON WEST INDIES) .

S.C.F. is also the consultant for french groups or private investors in terms of conception and setting up of waterconditioning lines on several sites in France, overseas and Foreign countries .

In particular we participated in the carrying out of one of the most important bottling and conditioning unit for the Supermarket Group LECLERC in France We have also been consultants of VIVENDI Group in regards to quality problems of conditioned water for emergencies as well as CULLIGAN in the setting of their process water conditioning unit in 5 gallons bottles

S.C.F. is also the technical coordinator of a concept of commercialization water in 'bags' on different sites in the Middle East.

Where our principal mission is :

Resource quality

Watertreatment and filtration, quality checks

Interface between the technical suppliers (hydraulic filtration, packaging and 'overpackaging' films, hygiene, quality control

Our different abilities enable us to study and carry out a plant on a turn key basis according to the norms of the French ministry of Healths :

Protection and quality of catchment and natural resource and its surrounding

Geological report confirming the quality of the resource, worked out by a hydrogeologist approved by the French Ministry of Health.

Contacts with approved French laboratories.

Treatment and filtration of the water when necessary.

Standardization of industrial equipment in regards to hygiene and filling techniques.

These different elements and further questions can be resolved allowing you to put a 'label of French quality ' on your installations.

The implementation of French standards on bottled water is a security guarantee, the french standards being among the most severe and perfect.